Baby fish bathtub antiskid mat

Short Description:

It is used for baby bathtubs. It is non-slip and stable, soft and does not hurt skin, healthy and environmentally friendly!

Advantages of our factory: professional customized design of large rubber mats

  • Model: HX416
  • material: Silicone rubber
  • pattern: Small fish
  • Color: Blue /pink ( Can be customized )
  • Elastic: Soft
  • Specifications: 416mm * 249mm * 2.4mm * 235g
  • Temperature range: —40℃~230℃
  • ADD Logo: Can be customized
  • Mode of supply: Custom processing
  • workmanship: vulcanization + Molding
  • OEM/ODM: Can be customized
  • Package: PP bag +carton
  • Payment way: T/T L/C
  • Origin: Shandong, China
  • Production Capacity: 50000-100000 pieces/Month
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    What are the advantages of silicone products?

    1. High temperature resistance: the temperature range is – 40 to 230 degrees Celsius. It can be used in the microwave oven and oven.
    The bowls, plates and lunch boxes that can be placed in the microwave oven are made of silica gel.

    2. Easy to clean: silica gel products produced by silica gel can be cleaned by washing with water after use, and can also be washed
    in the dishwasher.

    3. Long life: silica gel material has stable chemical properties, and the products produced have longer life than other materials

    4. Soft and comfortable: thanks to the softness of silicone material, the cake mold products are comfortable to touch, extremely
    flexible and not deformed

    5. Various colors: you can mix different beautiful colors according to the needs of customers. Customize personalized styles

    6. Environmental protection and non-toxic: no toxic and harmful substances will be produced from raw materials to finished products

    7. Electrical insulation performance: silicone rubber has a high resistivity, and its resistance value can remain stable in a wide
    temperature range and frequency range. At the same time, silica gel has good resistance to high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge,
    such as high-voltage insulators, TV high-voltage caps, electrical parts, etc.

    ▲Our products:

    Made of food grade silica gel, it is soft, anti hardening, super heat-resistant, long-term use
    does not need to worry about aging and deformation. There are too many suction cups. The suction
    cup edge is fine, without burrs, and can be firmly adsorbed to the ground. The silica gel is
    odorless. It is very suitable for mother and baby products. It does not touch hair. The
    three-dimensional pattern enhances the anti-skid effect. At the same time, it massages the sole
    of the foot without fear of foam. The baby and adults are at ease.

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