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Our  100, 000 grade clean injection molding workshop custom producing the Plastic Injection Molding Parts according to customer’s request or design or pictures with specs .

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Plastic Certification RoSH, SGS,  food grade, Medical grade, UL, UV
Mold building time Mostly 4-5 weeks, can be flexible to meet with your urgent delivery
Surface Treatment Texture, gloss, polishing, silk printing, painting, etc...
Production time After sample is confirmed, 2 weeks for mass production
Production duration 300000 shots to 1,000,000 Shots.
Equipment Injection Molding Machine from 40-650T available.

About Plastic


Main Feature



High pressure polyethylene is soft, transparent and non-toxic. Low pressure polyethylene rigid, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation is better High pressure polyethylene: film, hose, plastic bottle; Low pressure polyethylene: chemical equipment, pipes, low load bearing gear, bearings, etc


Strength, hardness and elasticity are higher than polyethylene, low density, good heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation and corrosion resistance, poor toughness, no wear resistance, easy aging Flange, gear, fan impeller, pump impeller, handle, TV (radio recorder) shell and chemical pipes, containers, medical instruments and so on


Higher strength and better corrosion resistance. Soft polyvinyl chloride, with high elongation, soft products, good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation Exhaust gas detoxification tower, gas liquid conveying pipe, centrifugal pump, fan, joint; Soft PVC: film, raincoat, acid and alkali resistant hose, cable sheath, insulation layer, etc


Good corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, transparency, strength, stiffness, heat resistance, wear resistance is not high, poor impact resistance, flammable, easy to crack Bobbin, yarn, spool; Instrument parts, equipment shell; Storage tank, pipe, elbow; Lampshades, transparent Windows; Electrical insulation materials, etc


High strength and impact toughness, good wear resistance and heat resistance, high chemical stability and insulation, easy to form, good machinability, poor resistance to high and low temperature, inflammable, opaque Gear, bearing, instrument panel shell, refrigerator lining and all kinds of containers, pipes, aircraft cabin decoration board, window frame, sound insulation board, also can make car body and fender, handrail, hot air regulating duct and other auto parts


Good strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration absorption, self-lubrication, formability, non-toxic, tasteless. Creep value is large, poor thermal conductivity, high water absorption, forming shrinkage Nylon 610, 66, 6, etc., manufacturing small parts (gear, worm gear, etc.); Aromatic nylon for high temperature wear resistant parts, insulation materials and cosmological clothing. It should be noted that the properties and dimensions of nylon change greatly after water absorption


High tensile and flexural strength, good impact toughness and creep resistance, high heat resistance, cold resistance and dimensional stability, high transparency, small water absorption, good insulation and processing formability, poor chemical stability Gaskets, gaskets, bushing, capacitors and other insulating parts; Instrument housing and cover; Manufacture signal lights, windshields, cockpit hoods, helmets, etc., in aviation and aerospace industries


Excellent chemical corrosion resistance, excellent high and low temperature resistance, small friction coefficient, small water absorption, low hardness, strength, tensile strength is not high, high cost Antifriction seals, chemical corrosion resistant parts and heat exchanger heart and insulation materials under high frequency or humid conditions, such as chemical pipelines, electrical equipment, corrosive media filters, etc


Transmittance 92%, relative density is half of glass, high strength, toughness, uv resistance, anti-aging atmosphere, easy to form, hardness is not high, not wear-resistant, soluble in organic solvents, heat resistance, poor thermal conductivity, large expansion coefficient Aircraft cabin cover, turret viewing hole cover, instrument lamp shade and optical lens, bulletproof glass, TV and radar plotting screen, automobile windshield, instrument and equipment protective cover, etc


Certain strength and hardness, high wear resistance, heat resistance, good insulation and corrosion resistance, stiffness, low moisture absorption, small deformation, simple forming process, low price. Disadvantage is brittle quality, not alkali resistance Plug, switch, telephone, instrument box, brake pad of automobile, crankshaft of internal combustion engine, belt wheel, silent gear of textile machine and instrument, acid-proof pump for chemical industry, daily appliance, etc


High specific strength, good toughness, heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew resistance, good forming process and dimensional stability. Toxic, expensive Plastic moulds, precision measuring tools, potting appliances, aircraft paint, tanker paint, can paint, printing lines, etc



Widely use to medical equipment industry , automobile parts ,fitness field, toy, gift, production field, electronic field, industrial machine & equipment, agricultural machine & equipment, house-hold appliance, tele-communication .

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