Customized thin high-end cow mat

Short Description:

Application:Cow farm/horse pen/pig pen/sheep pen and other livestock breeding places

OEM/ODM  can be custom

  • Product Name: S Twill nylon thread cow rubber mat
  • FOB: 13.99$/square meter
  • MOQ: 20roll
  • Model: HC1503
  • Material: Reclaimed rubber +nylon mesh fabric
  • Rubber material cha: Anti slip and wear resistance/corrosion resistance/weather resistance/aging resistance/compression resistance
  • Product features: Premium cow mat/light and thin type is not heavy/wear-resistant and anti build/anti-skid and moisture-proof/thermal insulation/compression resistance/good toughness
  • nylon mesh fabric: High tensile strength, good recovery, good abrasion resistance, strong alkali resistance, and resistance to dilute acid and solvent
  • Specifications: roll
  • Colour: Black
  • Width: 1-2m
  • Length: 10-100m
  • Thickness: 4mm/4-30mm can be custom
  • Texture: S-pattern
  • Warranty: Five years
  • Packaging: Wooden pallet
  • Trademark: Customizable trademark
  • Origin: Shandong, China
  • Factory advantages: Customized large mat/ large accessories
  • Supply capacity: 50000pieces/Month
  • Product Detail

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    (一) Raw material characteristics:
    The environment-friendly recycled rubber is used as the raw material. The material is non-toxic, non irritating, environmentally friendly and healthy. After processing, it has a slight smell, a faint aroma of fruit, and basically no smell after drying


    Regenerated rubber has the characteristics of skid resistance, abrasion resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, etc
    Advantages of nylon:

    1. The greatest advantage of nylon fabric with high strength and good abrasion resistance is that it is solid and wear-resistant. Its abrasion resistance ranks first among all kinds of fabrics and is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products. It is an ideal material for making abrasion resistant products.

    2. Light weight: the density of nylon fabric is small, the fabric is light, and the weight is lighter than that of cotton and viscose fiber; Therefore, it is suitable for making mountaineering clothes, winter clothes, etc.

    3. Good elasticity, fatigue resistance, excellent elasticity and elastic recovery of nylon fabric

    4. Good dyeability Nylon has better dyeability than polyester

    5. Alkali resistance and reducing agent resistance are good, and they are not afraid of mold and moth.

    6. The low temperature resistant nylon filament has good low temperature resistance, and its resilience changes little below – 70 ℃.
    2. Product advantages:
    1. High quality recycled rubber is used as raw material, and nylon mesh wire is added to fill it. It is stronger in toughness and compression resistance than ordinary mat without wire clamping.

    2. Our nylon mesh cable is different from ordinary nylon cable:

    ① Common nylon mesh wire materials are made of blended, polyester or cotton thread; Our nylon mesh cable is made of nylon

    ② Ordinary nylon mesh is simple to knit, most of which are simple cross shaped; On the basis of cross buckles, our nylon mesh fabric is added with cross threads. Each strand of thread is made of two strands of nylon thread, and its toughness and compression resistance are greatly enhanced, making it very solid; When it is added to the rubber plate pad, the compression resistance and anti build performance of the plate pad will be improved, the service life will be greatly increased, and the product performance will be better. After the nylon nylon is sandwiched, the service life of the light and thin plate pad will be better than that of other thickened non nylon plate pads
    3. According to customer requirements, the number of wire clamping layers is 1-8, and the thickness will also increase or decrease accordingly.

    4. This S twill cow rubber pad is light and thin, with a thickness of 4mm. The double-sided design of S pattern enhances the anti-skid performance, and the warranty period is five years. Its performance is far better than that of cow pads of the same thickness

    5. Customers can test before customizing

    (三) Our factory specializes in making customized parts, and designs various types of rubber plate and pad products according to customers’ ideas and needs. If you have any ideas, you can consult us. Our designers have rich experience, focus on researching rubber products for many years, have a lot of design experience and analysis and research on materials, and will make accurate judgments on relevant materials while designing products for you, so as to help you better complete the product. Welcome to your consultation!

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