2023 Russian Tire and Rubber Exhibition Opens

Exhibition information:

❈ Exhibition time: April 24-27, 2023

❈ Venue: Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center

❈ Exhibition cycle: once a year

❈ Number of exhibitions: 25th

❈ Number of exhibitors: nearly 150 from 12 countries (2021 data)

❈ Professional audience: 5500 industry personnel (2021 data) were affected by the epidemic situation and the international situation. The local rubber industry in Russia was also under great pressure. With the EU sanctions against Russia, tire giants withdrew from the Russian market, releasing more trade space for the already unsaturated Russian market. Both the production capacity and demand of all types of tires have seen explosive growth, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for Chinese rubber machinery equipment, additives, and finished tire enterprises in the near future. The equipment in the production bases in Russia and Central Asia has always been in need of upgrading. After large-scale expansion, the factories in Kazakhstan and Belarus are not limited to the production of tires and other products.

At the 2021 exhibition, Cardiant and Lower Kamsk, who have not participated in the exhibition for many years, all appeared at Tires&Rubber However, Berkashina, a traditional exhibitor, will not be absent. In the field of non tire manufacturing, the emergence of SIBUR, a large synthetic rubber manufacturer, and OLGA, a well-known assistant trader, will be a trade opportunity that TireS&subber cannot miss. Tires&Rubber is the only professional exhibition of tire and Rubber manufacturing and trade in Russia, with extensive influence and strong professionalism.

❈ The sponsor is the Russian National Exhibition Center, which has received strong support from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the Chemical Federation, the Chemical Research Institute, the Tyre Research Institute and other professional institutions.

❈ The exhibition was strongly supported by the Ministry of Economic and Trade Development of Russia and the Moscow Municipal Government.


Market value:

❈ In the first half of 2022, Russia imported 10.9 million tires, an increase of 22% over 8.5 million tires in the same period of last year, which was mainly ensured by Chinese companies that replaced western brands. All market participants expect that China’s tire demand will surge.

❈ Russian rubber industry mainly uses synthetic rubber, and Chinese foreign contracting enterprises have participated in Russian project contracting market and made certain achievements. The number of industry seminars in the same period has increased gradually this year. During the same period, there have been 12 seminars organized by professional institutions such as the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the Chemical Federation, the Chemical Research Institute and the Tyre Research Institute in 21 years.

Post time: Nov-14-2022