Pickup truck rubber bedmat F5515

Short Description:

F5515 for Ford F150 at the year 2015-2018 1680mm X 1620mm X 8mm (5.5’ X 5.3’ X 0.32’’ )

OEM/ODM can be custom

  • FOB: 20.99-23.99$
  • MOQ: 20
  • Model: F5515
  • material: Reclaimed rubber
  • Application: Trunk of pickup truck / Pickup truck container
  • pattern: S twill on the back; Long front stripe
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 15kg-28kg
  • Thickness : 6mm-12mm
  • ADD Logo: Can be customized
  • Major equipment: Vulcanizing machine
  • Package: Transparent plastic bag + oiled paper + tie
  • Payment way: T/T L/C
  • Origin: Shandong, China
  • Production Capacity: 10000pieces/Month
  • Product Detail

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    ▲Introduction of the Reclaimed rubber

    Recycled rubber is one of the raw materials of the rubber industry. Its characteristics are as follows:

    1. Small elasticity, large plasticity, easy processing, can reduce power consumption

    2. Small shrinkage, fluidity and adhesion, easy to mold molding, good punch

    3. Less heat generation, good curing speed, resistance to coke burning

    4. Improve the product oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance

    5. Moderate price and relatively stable

    It is widely used in national defense, chemical industry, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, transportation and machinery manufacturing
    industry and other aspects, becoming a basic part and accessories in various industries!

    ▲Introduction of Truck rubber mats
    Our truck rubber mats are processed with recycled rubber, applied to trunk of pickup truck, which can prevent your goods from
    moving and bumping into the side wall of the truck bed and other goods.

    The rubber mat helps prevent cargo transfer and damage to your truck bed.

    Highly compressed rubber resistant to wear, tearing, cracking and fuel leaks.

    Rubber material deflects ultraviolet rays, long service life.

    The raised stripe design of the truck cushion is ventilated and hydrophobic. The raised semi-circle increases the friction between
    the truck cushion and the car bottom, which is not easy to slide, so that the goods are safe and stable. In the cargo transportation
    industry has played a great role, was awarded by customers widely praise!













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